Upcoming Holidays – Easter

upcoming holidays

As we plan our way out East we have not yet agreed on our first destination, I know we are prevaricating, well the wife is, so we came to a compromise we would head off to friends in Sweden for the upcoming holidays and have a decision made by the time Easter was over (I hope).

Easter in Sweden is celebrated similar to in the UK with chocolate being around in rather large quantities. In fact the amount and price war going on over chocolate raised a concern with the health ministry. This country is normally very health concious and huge amounts of chocolate are a contradiction to this. Then it was discovered that the price of oranges had also substantially raised, this appeared to balance the concerns? Bit crazy to me but whatever.

The other thing that goes on slightly different over there is that whereas our Easter TV is often church services and films for the kids here the families settle down to watch murder mysteries, interesting I wonder which ones we will view in these upcoming holidays, I like a good murder!


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