Amazing places to holiday in the UK


Where are we going to go on holiday next? This can be one of the most difficult and fun questions to answer. There are so many great places in the world it can be hard to decide where to go. With that being said there are also so many amazing places to holiday in the UK. London can seem like an alluring dream to most, but it can be extremely expensive for one person nevertheless an entire family. However, there are many other places to holiday in the UK besides just London. A unique destination can be Greater Yarmouth. Filled with amusement parks, rides and loads of entertainment. Not to mention if the weather permits, then you would be able to enjoy the 15 miles of glorious sand beaches. Another great option would be a family holiday to Birmingham on the sea. As England’s second biggest city, it is often overlooked. There are a couple of fun things to do while in the city. For instance, they have tours of restored back-to-back terraced houses that tell the stories of the people who lived there from 1840! If history isn’t your thing, then possibly the most important visit would be to Cadbury World. You can rest assured the kids are going to love this one!


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