Go on a Europe Activity Holiday this Christmas

Europe is a distinct world that offers you different climates and landscapes that, combined together, are the perfect playground for activity thrill seekers of all ages. For the adrenalin junkie, a Europe activity holiday in Finale, Italy is the Mecca for mountain bikers and rock climbers. If you just love the fresh mountain air, then Finale Ligure has something for you. Beginner rock climbers will enjoy taking their newfound skills up a notch in Corsica, France. For the triathlon fan, the best activity holidays would not be complete without a training session with professionals in Morzine, France. After all the activity of living a busy life, relaxing can be harder than it actually sounds. This is why the Wellbeing Escapes in Dubrovnik, Croatia is there to teach you what it is to relax. Enjoy spa services, a holistic massage or use the sports centre to find your own centre a stone’s throw away from the majestic Dubrovnik Riviera. If your idea of a Europe activity holiday is not plummeting downhill, then yoga sessions and quiet hikes in Zupa, Serbia’s wine valley is the getaway for you.


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